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Why settle for the ordinary

Platinum Paints was created as a holistic solution to all your painting needs.
At Platinum Paints, we look after your investments like it is our own.

Painting is not just a quick coat and it looks new again.

No, it is the attention to the small details.

  • Paring the correct colors

  • Using the best products

  • Understanding your current situation

  • Knowing when to paint

These are only some of the aspects we take into consideration when assessing your project.


Services Provided

Interior & Exterior Painting

Ceilings & Roof Paiting

Motor-home floors

Down Pipes & Window Frames


Refurbishing off any Wooden Furniture

Many More


Tailoring each project to your needs

We understand that each client has their own needs, be it residential or commercial needs.

We asses your needs, and if we cant assist we get you someone who can.

Selling your home

We have a fully inclusive package that gives you the best chances of increasing your selling price. 
Anything from Wall Painting, Carpet Cleaning, and Grass Planting.

Strong Supplier Relationship

Over years we have gained strong relationships with our suppliers, giving us the opportunity to satisfy your needs without breaking the bank

We will take on anything

We take on any job opportunity, this is due to our experience gained over the years.


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VI Construction

Our Trusted Construction Partners

Construction Made Easy

Targeting key aspects of a property to increase resale value

strong collaboration services

We have built a long-standing relationship with contractors to ensure we deliver you the best service possible

We Deliver You a Turnkey Home

We have developed a strong understanding of what our clients need, ensuring you can live in your new property from day 1

Variety of services

We have a wide variety of services that we can offer you a s the client.


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083 306 7679

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